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Although Fouded in recent years but Duong Minh Im-Ex Logistic Company has developed and served to your business at a domestic provinces and increasingly expanded and developed, all of which comes from credibility and trust of customers both at home and abroad. We constantly invest and expand the variety of forms of service of Customs,Export- Import, Domestic freight and international product announcement .. w .. In order to change Logistic into resources into promoting your business best at present as well as in the future that other suppliers can not provide well.

Our company always aims to strive more and more complete to become a successful business and to be received customers’ trust and provide customers and partners, "the friendliness and confidence," Far more can reach the international level. From this, Duong Minh Company puts "reputation" as the foundation to build and grow the business and always bring harmony rights of the parties, mutually beneficial partnership. Duong Minh Logistic applied modern organization model, strict control, application management information system that is always timely, human resource management policies advanced into the core elements to help Duog Minh increasingly development and progress to goals. "Prestige & Quality is the success of Duong Minh Logistic!


  • We are honored to carry on his mission to provide solutions that meet the needs of your freight forwarding business fastly, secure and accurate
  • Together with community businesses completes logistics supply chain system (chain supply network) to meet the growing business needs of diverse customers, partners at home and abroad.


  • We planned development to 2018, Duong Minh will become one of 15 vendors leading logistics services in Vietnam.
  • Constantly Strive to increase customer’s satisfaction in order to improve themselves to become strategic partners, travel with business on the path of development.


Specific workflow is standardized clearly, fastly to meet customers’ needs.

We focus on building the strategic relationship of partnerships with reputable suppliers, control costs of input, human resources, use efficiently of cargo insurance solutions with the motto : “Safety is first”.

With practical experience and good professionally knowledge, understanding the whole process of delivery-receive, application of information technology, software, electronic customs declaration is copyright (electronic Customs service), Duong Minh confidently provide the most accurate solutions to customers.

Coming to Duong Minh , customers will enjoy the best service in terms of price, time, quality and peace of mind in your business enterprise.
  • Our staff who is selected and trained basically, years of experience, always enthusiastic, dedicated and responsible to advise you on choosing the most efficient transportation , savings most cost as well as to reduce the maximum risk for the customer. With experience and achievements, Duong Minh is definited as the first choice of partners, customers at home and abroad.!
  • With the professional, enthusiastic Staff and having many years of experience,Our company ensures the good performance for providing products and services for you with quality and efficiency in Vietnam!

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