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Domestic transport

Vận Chuyển Đường Bộ

Domestic transportation is an important part of the logistics chain. So with many years of experience in the field of freight forwarding by road, sea and air, combined with a team of professional and dedicated staff with training, we create the most favorable conditions to provide you with high quality transportation services in all parts of the country. We carry the freight forwarding work focuses on storage, preservation, classification and organization of shipping, handling, delivery to the required location, income and expenditure for the owners through warehouse and qualified management software programs as required by multinational companies.

Domestic transportation

We are constantly investing in infrastructure as well as human resource development, more and more completed.Services focus on international standards in order to supply better all customers’ requirements.

Domestic transportation

We transport all the goods of the customer according to the following methods:

  • Goods transportation (from the main port in Ho Chi Minh City - Hai Phong and Da Nang) to the provinces.
  • Multi-modal transportation services - We transport LCL, raw container across the border and transport services from China, Cambodia and Laos through Vietnamese ports and airports


Transport services

  • Loading and unloading, freight (including super, super important) by means of road, rail, water, air.
  • North-South Freight LCL, graft delivery to take place
  • Transport freight from HCM City to the Southern Province, Central, North and opposite
  • Transporting Goods (FCL) Raw containers and bulk
  • Relocation of offices, workshops and personal property.
  • Transportation of goods in transit to Laos, Cambodia, China.
  • Activities auxiliary to transport

Stock service / bonded

  • Storage agents and distribution of goods.
  • Bonded sales and service delivery of bonded.
  • Collateral management services for commercial banks.
  • You will feel peace of mind when using domestic services of Duong Minh company, because we own the large number of vehicles from a small truck to large trucks, the North-South drag Container ...!
  • In particular we schedule daily driving the feeder ensures small orders delivery with the fastest time.

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