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Import Commission

Dịch Vụ Uỷ Thác Xuất Nhập Khẩu

Dương Minh Logistic company has a lot of experience in the field of Export - Import (Foreign Trade) & freight forwarding, customs clearance, along with the leadership team and staff who have higher qualifications in operations in domestic and abroad.In particular we extend the fiduciary services in the provinces as border ports of Hai Phong, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Can Tho, Quy Nhon and Ho Chi Minh City.

The Company has sufficient capacity to meet all requirements of the import and export goods and the import multiple types of items such as clothing, fabrics, cosmetics, agricultural products, machinery, cars, ... etc. ...

On behalf of customers sign contracts of foreign, make payments of foreign trade. Consulting international visitors, goods for customers in case that customers are looking for partners.

  • Consulting and on behalf of the customer and make the import-export procedures, or forwarding at the ports.
  • Together resolve customer’s complaints against foreigners.
  • Take fees at a reasonable level depending on the value of the shipment.
  • Consulting, providing financing for customers in payment - depending on the level and duration of customer reputation.
With accumulated experience from actual business, today some of Yen Vietnamese officials with his in-depth knowledge has become the free consultation for business partners in the field of import and export goods .

Duong Minh Im-Ex Company provides the following services!

  • Receive customs procedures for export and Import.
  • Transport of Containers by car and truck in domestic.
  • Shipping agents.
  • Sales Domestic and international freight
  • Retail collection. (Consolidation)
  • Delivery (Door-Door)
  • Receiving goods of exhibition, retail goods.
  • Handling, inventory of goods
  • Packing, storage and delivery.

We have delivery and shipping service to place to support customers after the completion of the procedures for implementation, help customers quickly release and have timely distribution system or export to all of countries.

Hope to receive cooperation from customers

HSCode/Incoterm Research

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