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Warehousing services

Dịch Vụ Kho Bãi

DUONG MINH LOGISTIC has a complete storage area beside the large port, near the main road, import and export freight in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern region. There are also storage areas that our company exploit thank to the links and cooperation with other units in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, ...

This allows us to keep in stock all kinds of general cargo before or after transport, saving time and costs for shippers. We are committed to provide the most convenient service for all your goods in the logistics chain.

Kho Bãi

With spacious storage systems, we can meet your requirements for storing different kinds of goods: from small batch to large batch, from the bulky goods to heavy equipment ...

The storage areas of DUONG MINH LOGISTIC using and exploiting are the permanent storage area, a professional management team sorted the goods scientificly and reasonablely.

  • Warehouses are suitable for the storage and tracking of goods, ensure delivery times are met, and reduce management costs.
  • Strict protection system, lighting and ventilation systems according to prescribed standards.
  • Mode 24/24 hours upon request.

The main warehouse types:

  • General warehouse: Suitable for household goods such as electrical appliances, paper, electronics ...
  • Storage: Store bulky items such as steel production, transport equipment ...
  • Bonded (Customs Warehouse) functions store:
  • Customs procedures for goods are stored pending export;
  • Goods from foreign countries into pending abroad or imported into Vietnam according to the provisions of law.
  • Stock is in strict keeping, to ensure the absolute safety of goods. Cool storage system, spacious, not humid. Our warehouse facilities meet in the country.
  • With a staff of trained professionals in the field of warehouse logistics, Duong Minh company ensures safety of goods to the customer.Please set in your mind when choosing our warehouse.

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